Public Health Care Essay

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prepare an analysis of a public health case study requiring synthesis of information and application of critical thinking skills related to the determinants of health and strategies for controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Please read and critically assess the case study titled, José and Jorge-Identical Twins without Identical Lives in Riegelman, page 119 and prepare a 5-7 page essay that answers the questions below. You can be creative about how you organize this—do not simply answer each question, but provide a well-crafted essay. Please upload to Blackboard by the start of class on the due date.

  1. Describe how BIG GEMS determinants (see Riegelman, p. 16) contribute to the different disease patterns of José and Jorge. Be specific and incorporate applicable course material, as appropriate. (discuss the effects of at least 5 determinants)
  2. Imagine that you are a public health professional, faced with having to decide to focus limited resources to improve the health of the population. You have been tasked with devising population-level initiatives that may reduce the incidence and impact of the diseases affecting people like José and Jorge. Select one non-communicable disease AND one communicable diseaseexperienced by José and/or Jorge and respond to the questions below:
    1. Clearly identify the non-communicable disease and the communicable disease selected.
    2. Describe the factors you considered when deciding to focus on these diseases. Discuss disease impact, feasibility for addressing, cultural or environmental constraints, costs, etc.
    3. Select at least one strategy to address the non-communicable disease (See Riegelman, Ch. 6: screenings, multiple risk factor interventions, cost-effective treatments, research, etc.) and at least one strategy to address the communicable disease (See Riegelman, Ch. 7: barrier protections, immunizations, screenings, case finding, maximizing effective treatment, etc.). Provide rationale for selecting these strategies and describe in a detailed manner how you would apply them on a population-level to address the circumstances contributing to the development of each disease, such as those experienced by José and Jorge. Be specific and incorporate applicable course material, as appropriate.
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