Purdue Global Rapid Growth of Digital Marketing Over Business Sectors Analysis

MT357-1: Investigate the rapid growth of digital marketing over business sectors.

GEL-3.03: Examine the interdependence and potential for positive change between human systems and the environment.

Before beginning this assignment, complete the following learning activity which focuses on the significant trends that have taken place in the digital marketing industry over the last several years. Be sure to refer to the readings in this unit to assist you in this area.

Learning Activity


The task of your complete Unit 2 Assignment should include a 4–5-page informative essay (also includes a title and references page) of both Parts 1 and Part 2 using correct grammar, spelling and current APA format and citation style.

Unit 1 Assignment: Part 1 (completed in Unit 1)

Digital Marketing

One of the biggest changes in marketing over the last decade is the growth of digital marketing. Organizations can compete more efficiently and significantly grow their business with a strong digital marketing program. Please address the following questions in Part 1:

  • Discuss how scholarly research describes digital marketing. Use three sources. Compare and contrast the definitions from the sources selected. Describes at least four (4) examples of digital marketing.
  • Discuss the history of digital marketing using at least two scholarly sources. Develop a historical timeline over a period of at least two (2) decades.
  • Describe the present state of digital marketing domestically and internationally. Include growth rates in your findings. Use quantifiable data in your response based upon your research.
  • Choose two business sectors that commonly utilize digital marketing. How are the two business sectors you selected using digital marketing today? Provide specific examples.
  • Discuss two benefits and two obstacles to digital marketing.
  • Discuss three recommendations or best practices you would make to a new organization just starting to implement digital marketing.

Unit 2 Assignment: Part 2 (complete in Unit 2)

Digital marketing has changed how scientific principles organizations are applied in real-world contexts and how organizations reach their audience. Digital marketing has impacted the environment in relation to technological, sociocultural, competitive, legal and political, economic, and demographic forces. Organizations have become dependent on using digital technology to make a positive change in the world. For instance, services like GoFundMe® have allowed individuals and organizations to easily create fundraising campaigns. Companies like TOMS® shoes have been able to donate millions of new pairs of shoes to people in need in developing countries because of digital media technology.

  • Identify a company that has made a significant or noteworthy impact on society using digital technology.
  • Describe the social cause the organizations are counteracting using digital marketing.
  • Describe at least two types of digital media the organization has used in creating awareness.
  • Explain the impact the organization has made on society as a whole.
  • Explain how other companies can use this model to make an impact on society.
  • Discuss at least two recommendations or conclusions to the research.


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