question below 68

Each group is to develop a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation devoted to the best financial practices for health care. Each presentation should:

  1. Identify and describe your healthcare organization (e.g. hospital, physician organization, laboratory, other).
  2. List at least five “Best financial practices” that you believe are important for your healthcare organizations to follow (One Best Practice per participant). Base your choice on your reading in this course and research.
  3. Explain why each of these practices are important for your healthcare organizations given the current policy and regulatory environment.
  4. Explain what can go wrong if the practice is not followed.

Since graded as a group, please get feedback from your group members before finalizing your slides. Post your group presentation to the Assignment folder by Sunday at midnight and the Professor will post your group PowerPoint at the beginning of Week 8 for the Week 8 discussion. Your final grade for the group presentation will be based on the PowerPoint that is posted and will take into account your classmates feedback.


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