Racial Discrimination and Behavioral Challenges Discussion Response




After reviewing all of the material in this lesson, share with your class your thought on the following: (resources attached and links at bottom of this post)

– Discuss a scenario where you or someone you know has experienced one of these “isms.”

– What impact did this have on you/them?

– How do you think this type of prejudice and discrimination impacts youth?

– Find a resource (other than what is included in the lesson) that helps youth deal with and cope with different “isms” and share the link or material with the class.

– Respond and/or provide feedback to at least one classmate.

Student’s post that needs response:

For this discussion I would like to share a little about classism and my neighbor. I moved into my apartment 2 years ago, the girl directly next to me was quick to introduce herself, she was having a few drinks and telling me all kinds of information that most wouldnt share just meeting someone. She mentioned her boyfriend and she claimed without her he would have nothing. She mentioned a lot of personal information, most of it leading to her being better than everyone in her life and around her. As time went by and more apartments got new tenants, there is 7 apartments in this building four were needing to be rented when I moved in, she learned that some of us did not have jobs, or a two adult household with one job, even some clearly doing things to make money that the law frowns upon. This neighbor as I noticed soon after was not just drinking that one evening she introduced herself, but every evening after and she would come outside, sometimes half dressed, mainly when her boyfriend was at work or asleep as he frowns upon things she does and says, but she would come outside for no reasoning other than to call everyone crackheads, she yells how she only speaks facts and everyone else is wrong, she yells she is better than everyone because she has two jobs. I am the only person living here she wont yell at and start a fight, but I have also told her from day one I will not entertain any nonsense, I have three kids I am raising and I am not living there to make friends I am living here until I can get us to where we need to be and buy a home. However, she never wants to turn down an opportunity to let everyone know in one way or another that she has more money, more items, better items, takes vacations and just overall she has more money and she is better because she works and has more money, in her opinion, and again all of this she says she will scream that she is real and it is all facts. For almost a year I listened to her scream at random people walking by, even heard her yell at someones young kids that were just running and laughing on property visiting another person here, when that parent confronted her she said “I was trying to put them in check but they wasnt listening so you need to fix your kids, but its probably your parenting or lack of considering you drive a tore up looking car and your kids clothes look 3 inches too short”, I remember that evening word for word for the short time I was outside because thats when I was telling myself never ever would I be able to stay calm if someone came out drunk yelling at my kids, putting them down and disrespecting me not even knowing anything about me. She thinks because she has two jobs and she is able to do things like vacations that she doesnt see the rest of us do that she is not in the same class or category as we are. Soon after that incident she was outside talking to me and as usual she wanted to put me down for her having more money, at least thats what she thinks, so she starts talking and instead of specifically saying she is referring to me she acts like she is talking in general about how when she has kids hers would never do certain things and she would be doing certain things and so forth, typical things for a person with no children to think would be a reality. Honestly comparing a single mother with no help and three disabled children to anything is insane, but she sure thinks she could raise them better because of course she has two jobs, and she will never understand if she had no help she would not have them jobs. That conversation went every which way she could talking about “people” when she really meant to try to put me down because everything was geared towards me, my children or our household, at least what she thinks about it. I have had so many thoughts and things I had wanted to say to her someday or planned to say to her someday, but on the spot having her criticize me acting like I am some low life that shouldn’t even have children and her acting like she has had so much more than me in life I just had to say a few things as I couldnt even think of everything I had wanted to say.

What I was able to simply explain, and honestly I am not one to say anything to bring anyone down, we are all at a spot in life, whatever that spot is it can change, rather we are in a hard place or good. If we are struggling it is just temporary, with work and a plan and goals we can rise above it, if we are in a good place and have everything we want than we need to work to keep it, or all of that can be taken in the blink of an eye. Anyways, I did my best to make it very clear that all these things she is saying than saying she has no issue and doesnt feel bad saying it because its a fact, well she is wrong and should look up definitions because she is screaming things are a fact and being mean on something that is just an opinion based matter, it is her opinion and she is not always right and her opinions are not the actual truth, its how she feels and how she sees something and I do respect everyone’s opinions however if it is someone life, especially someone you really dont know at all, than your opinion really shouldn’t be thrown out there with intent to put someone down. I also explained to her that she does not have children, she has no clue what she would do, how her kids would be, and I explained I understand she has an image in her head and thats great, but I had an image too, my image did not include me changing a 8 year old pullup who cant talk and runs in front of cars because he wants to touch tires. It worries me people that closed minded and think they know everything could get a child like mine, that is scary. I also explained to her while she thinks she is better and think I am a nobody who has never had anything that doesnt work while she sees all of that what she doesnt see is I have had it all. I have had a condo, multiple vehicles, a boat, than that situation changed due to a divorce, and than I owned a home, had children, I have not lived home sense I was 13, so to have known me for a short time and assume I just have never had anything, never worked and say you are better than me and higher up in life than me is crazy. At this point I am sure she has more money than me, her and her boyfriend both work two jobs, yet while they work two jobs each neither are full time jobs, and they are just what she says, jobs. So I did also explain to her at her age, with no children I honestly do not see why she has two jobs, why she doesnt have a home, why she doesnt have a newer car. That is all my opinion, that is all things I think I would work on if I was her, however I do also know that is not my life, not my business, but I have always had careers, fulltime at that, materialistic things I have never cared much about but have had them as well. I did tell her in my opinion sense I understand the difference between fact and opinion that now is her time to shine, she should further her education, get herself a career, like go work one place, get the credit to where it needs to be and get a safety for when you do have kids. Sense the day she tried to put me down saying she has two jobs and I said well that sounds foolish that youd waste time and energy on two jobs versus one good career she hasnt attacked me to my face, but she is who she is and she will stand at the end of the building with another girl that lives above her, its her friend she had the landlord rent to, and they will stand down there talking about every neighbor, even homeless people walking by.

I just think people who judge or put down others because either they do have more money or something, or think they do need to look closer at themselves, it is not my place to judge either but as people talk and point and whisper I find myself thinking things I wish I did not. Like the friend living above her talking about others will stand down there puffing a cigarette, cigarette pack sticking out of her thin shirt strap, rubbing her 7 month pregnant belly laughing and talking in a voice that is ear piercing, as much as that isnt my business I just dont understand how you can have flaws like everyone else yet pick them down.

They heard me talking the other day outside about my credit score going up above what I had needed it to, and sense then they have not spoke to me and they have been talking about how either I am lying or even though my score is up I will still never have anything or be anybody. Some people will never see any good in others and never be truly happy for others.




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