Rasmussen College Psychology Essay




Your caseload has remained high, requiring you to prioritize how frequently you see some of your clients. Your supervisor asked you to meet with Amanda only once per month, your bare minimum, because she hasn’t reported any additional concerns as of recent and appears to be meeting her goals. It has been made very clear to you that meeting with her more frequently is not an option right now. You still feel like something isn’t right, and you are worried about her. She seems distant and unengaged, even if not sharing any specific concerns.


Part 1: Reflect. Consider your commitment to your agency’s policies and procedures as well as your commitment to your Code of Ethics (either NOHS or NASW). How are they competing? Be specific.

Part II: Research decision-making tools for ethical dilemmas. Identify one and explain how you would use it to determine next steps for the scenario. Incorporate at least one (1) credible library source to support and/or defend your thoughts. Which parts of making this decision were difficult? Which were easy? Cite the library source used.


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