Reaction Paper At Least 700 Words. 3 Days LeftReaction Paper At Least 700 Words. 3 Days Left

Reaction papers are thought papers where you critique an article. As you read the assigned articles, point out 1) at least one interesting fact that you learned from the introduction,  2) study’s strengths, 3) the limitations of their research design (for example, the way they defined or measured their variables, the measures’ reliability/validity, their data collection technique [e.g., self-report, lab visits, direct observation]), 4) implications of their findings (so what do they findings mean in real world!. In your implications section you must relate the study’s findings to real life, and give it some context to make it relevant for lay people), 5) future direction ideas (what would you want to test next to build up on the findings of this research, and/or to address its shortcomings).

These are some questions to have in mind as you read the article:

· Did they account for confounding factors? 

· What other factors could explain their findings? 

· Were the findings substantial? Who will benefit from these? 

· What were some of the considerations or little things that the researchers took into account that strengthened their design? 

· If you were to do subsequent investigations, what next steps would you take? 

· Also, if the article posed questions in your mind, mention the questions and take a stab at giving answers too

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