Reducing Juvenile Delinquency Using Awareness Programs Review

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find one academic research article related to a sociology topic of interest to you.  It would be helpful to find an article that relates your topic to something specific within the field of sociology (e.g. community crime or neighborhood income inequality, juvenile health issues, etc).  Any journal discipline is acceptable.

The research you review must be an article that has actually collected data. If you do not see a ‘Results’ and/or ‘Methods’ section, you probably do not have one. In this case, you will have to find another one.

After reviewing the article, answer the following questions

For example, here’s an example citation:

Sampson, R.J. & Groves, B.W. (1989). Community structure and crime: Testing social-disorganization theory. American Journal of Sociology, 94(4): 774-802.

2. Provide a brief summary (2 sentences) of the Literature Review-don’t just recite/reference the research the author(s) used.(10 points)

3. What data was used in the study? (List the type of data collected (primary data) or the data source (secondary data) that was used in the study. (Note that if you can’t answer this question it’s highly likely your article is not academic.)(10 points)(1-2 sentences)

4. What were three major findings of their study? (Probably found in the ‘Results’ and ‘Conclusion/Summary’ section of the paper). Clearly label these. E.g. 1., 2., 3., etc.(1 sentence each)

5. Imagine that you were stranded on an island and asked to develop at least 2 recommendations could you give other ‘sociologists’ when planning your new community/neighborhood/island based on the 3 findings from #4. What would they be? Be specific. Don’t just say, ‘Don’t have racism.’ Instead, ‘In order to avoid racism you should…’?(1-2 sentences each)


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