Regulatory and Compliance

For helpful background, refer to the section in Module 06 on Policies and Procedures (See attachment named “Previous Written Assignments” for this information).

Your assignment is to write two 1-2 page sections in a Word document describing the procedures for each compliance plan. Remember to support your procedures for each of two plans with a total of three research sources (1-2 per procedure), cited at the end in APA format. Write your procedures in a way that all employees will understand at a large medical facility where you are the Compliance Officer.

For your two compliance policy plans, please refer to Module 06 Course Project – Polices for Compliance Plans. Remember, you chose two compliance policy plans under the key compliance areas of Compliance Standards, High-Level Responsibility, Education, Communication, Monitoring/Auditing (for Safety), Enforcement/Discipline, and Response/Prevention. (Check them out if you forget! Remember, you may have written about different policies for the two different compliance plans.)

Looking ahead to Module 09, please note that you will be asked to describe monitoring tools for the same policies and procedures that you have developed for your two compliance plans.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

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