report draft rfid and gps

Report Draft children tracking products using either RFID and GPS,

children tracking products using either RFID and GPS

Your activities must be documented in a technology paper that should be at least 10 pages . In addition, evidence of the work performed such as code listings, URLs, or documentation may be attached. The technology paper should contain the following sections:

  • Cover Page;
  • Honor Pledge;
  • Table of Contents;
  • Objective of the Project;
  • Actual timeline of the project;
  • Literature review;
  • Research methodology (survey, interview, etc.);
  • Results, analysis and discussions;
  • Conclusion including contributions your project has made, limitations, future directions, etc.;
  • Bibliography (of sources used in the body of the text);
  • List of associated documents (source code, diagrams for system analysis and design, etc.); and
  • Documentation of work done by others, if applicable

The project report paper is subject to a formal review process, with a draft being submitted to Dr. L for review and feedback followed by a completed report to be submitted to Canvas.

Your final project report is to revise and extend your Project Draft. It should accomplish 3 things:

  1. Completion of what you set out to do this semester
  2. Revision of the project draft text to include information on things that have been done since the draft was submitted
  3. Revision of the project draft text to address comments made by the peer reviewers


  • Ten or more pages, excluding the cover page, honor pledge, the table of contents page, the source code if applicable;
  • One and half line spacing;
  • Font type: Times New Roman;
  • Font size: 12 points;
  • Must comply with the APA format (both in-text citations and bibliography).

school IT Capstone Project school children tracking products using either RFID and GPS

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