review questions 25

Ethics Review Questions

Test 1

1. What are the main branches of Philosophy? Distinguish them from each other.

2. Give 3 examples each of metaphysical, epistemological and ethical questions.

3. What is a morally permissible act? How is this different from an obligatory act? An impermissible act? A supererogatory act? Might a supererogatory act be morally impermissible?

4. What is moral objectivism? How is it different from moral subjectivism? Who is a moral relativist? How is she different from a moral conventionalist? Is a genuine moral disagreement possible with moral relativism? Explain.

5. Who is an amoralist? How is he different from the moralist and the immoralist? Might a nihilist be a moralist? Explain.

6. Who are the Sophists? Name three Sophists. What are their individual claims? What are the similarities between their views? What are the differences?

7. Is Socrates a Sophist? What about Plato? Explain fully.

8. Would Socrates agree that ‘man is the measure of all things?’ If not, what would be the measure of all things for him? Explain.

9. Describe Plato’s notion of the Self (human soul). Explain its structural similarities and differences to his notion of the ideal state. Who is an ideal person for Plato?

10. In Plato’s ideal state, explain the different roles performed by its various groups and or classes. Do you agree with Plato’s view of the philosopher-king?

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