role of a scientific journalist

You will take on the role of a scientific journalist, composing a transcript of at least 250 words on Suicide and Traumatic Brain Injury in order to record a podcast.

You must:

· Highlight a recent psychological research finding, and report findings from at least two other related studies as well as the provided one.

· Be organized and formatted in the style of’s 60-Second Mind containing the following components:

  • 1. A hook (Generate interest)
  • 2. A summary of findings of article
  • 3. What does it mean? (implications to general audience/implications to the field of study – in other words, so what?)
  • 4. Where can people find the articles (Verbally cite the articles somewhere in the podcast)

Your podcast should be easy to understand and follow the requirements below.

  •  Adopt an engaging tone that entertains and informs;
  •  Include a carefully edited transcript (about 250 words) that matches the recording exactly;
  •  Include a bibliography cited in APA style;
  •  Be free of grammatical and mechanical errors.

Conduct a literature search to select at least two related articles

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