Sacramento Principles of Design Case Study

Part 1: Write a brief but thorough summary of the accident(s) showing you understand what happened and the causes of the accident.  This summary should make it clear that you understand the scenario and the key parts relevant to the accident.  The length should be between 250 and 350 words.  Anything shorter probably doesn’t have enough information about the situation, and anything longer probably includes details not necessary in a summary.  If you find it challenging to keep it shorter than 350, focus on being concise on what are the most important pieces of information for what a person would need to know who is not familiar with the case.  Include all relevant information that contributed to the accident (including the accident itself) and what happened in the end.  Do a word count at the end of this paragraph showing the number of words in brackets.  For example, [327 words].

Part 2:

For the Therac-25 system, explain what the goal is of the system.  Then describe the inputs, processes, and outputs are in relation to the technician as the primary user of this system.

Identify and describe at least one other systems in the case (“system” can refers to the whole situation, as well as smaller systems within the bigger one, or systems that are separate but interact with each other).  Just make sure it’s different from the Therac-25 machine.

Explain how the systems and any subsystems are interrelated.

Part 3: Briefly describe and list at least two ways to redesign the system that could have helped avoid the accident.


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