Sacramento Rental Car Case Study

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I’m working on a psychology case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


Part 1:  Write a short summary of the incident (250-350 words with word count) showing you understand what happened, the causes of the incident, and conclusion.
Part 2: Identify and describe the primary system in the case.  Define in your own words the concept of Standardization and discuss it in relation to this case study, and then define in your own words what is a “Link Analysis” is, how it is conducted, and how it could help in this situation if a redesign of the panel from the original model was necessary.
Part 3: Briefly describe and list at least two ways OTHER THAN keeping the panel the same as before, to avoid the incident. (remember “system” refers to the whole situation and so a redesign could refer to the equipment, people, environment, training, etc.)


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