safety health amp environment legal legislature

Write an APA formatted paper to address the assignment below. This paper should be approximately 3-4 pages long, not including cover, abstract, references, etc. Be sure the paper thoroughly answers the question to be addressed and is justified and supported.


You are the new corporate safety, health, and environmental director for a small, but growing manufacturing company in Orlando, FL that specializes in lithium-ion battery manufacturing for the automotive and aviation industries. Your organization is also set to expand into the European market in the near future with plans to start a manufacturing operation in the United Kingdom. During the last meeting, you discussed your report, which addressed environmental management systems. At the end of the meeting, the board asked you to prepare a report addressing the following questions/items. You are to draft a written response to their inquiry.

  1. The board wants to pursue the OSHA VPP Star Program for its United States location. Draft a strategy to obtain the VPP Star program. Additionally, in your strategy, explain what support and resources are needed from executive management. Present a timeline within your strategy and expected time frame for obtaining the OSHA VPP Star. Within the strategy plan, be sure to present details on your involvement, the involvement of upper management, the involvement of middle management and the involvement of workers. Assume your workers are non-union.
  2. Define the expected benefits to be derived from pursuing and obtaining the OSHA VPP Star Program
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