Satire and Society, Assignment 05)

This assignment has two parts to submit.

Part A: Submit your character details of the Wife of Bath with support. View a sample graphic organizer filled out for Little Red Riding Hood.


Graphic Organizer: Sample

Characteristics Supporting details from text
Caring Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother is sick and she is taking her a basket of goodies to help her feel better.
Naive She meets the wolf and is not afraid of him as she should be.  She thinks it is perfectly ok to talk to a big, scary wolf.  She also tells him where she is going and why.  She has no “stranger danger” awareness.
Trusting Little Red Riding Hood trusts that it is her grandmother in the bed, despite evidence to the contrary.
Observant Little Red Riding Hood notices that her grandmother all of a suddent has bigger eyes, ears and mouth.

Part B: Write a multiparagraph stating your opinion on whether or not you believe Chaucer created the tale to satirize or celebrate women. Use at least one example from the text to support your thoughts. Your response should be multi-paragraph and use proper grammar, syntax, and language conventions. Be sure to include the text support from your graphic organizer as well.

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