Science and Technology Making Our Lives Healthier & Easier Analysis

Gain familiarity with using SPSS to analyze data


For this assignment, you will be analyzing a portion of the World Values Survey data to help executives at a major grocery store chain determine their next steps in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This fictional grocery store chain, Caan’s, competes across the United States. It currently is facing stiff competition and changing needs in its marketplace: •

Competitors include:

WalMart, Amazon Fresh / Whole Foods, Trader Joes, regional chains and local grocery stores.

  • Low price promises are a necessity, causing high barriers to entry and high bargaining power of suppliers.

• The industry environment includes technological advances that enable customers to complete their purchase quickly and more efficiently, such as self check-out, delivery and pick-up service, and mobile apps for both bar code scanning and loyalty rewards.

  • Customers are also growing more concerned about the environment and the impact on the environment from their food consumption and shopping behaviors. This has impacted product packaging, organic and bulk product options, bagging and other product transportation decisions,
  • Finally, this industry has seen a large increase in customers demanding contactless pickup and delivery options.

The management at Caan’s has asked you to provide some insight into customers attitudes toward the factors outlined above so that they can develop strategic initiatives for the next year.

Become familiar with the data. Become familiar with the World Values Survey by reviewing the Questionnaire and the Codebook. Become familiar with SPSS.


  • Using the World Values Survey data *for the United States Only, use these 7 variables that would help Caan’s understand consumer attitudes relevant to the issues it is facing.
  • Protecting environment vs. Economic growth
  • Mobile phone subscriptions (per 100 people) [ITU, 2017-2018]
  • Internet users, total (% of population) [ITU, 2017- 2018]
  • Active/Inactive membership: environmental organization
  • Science and technology are making our lives healthier, easier, and more comfortable
  • Scale of incomes Income level (Recoded)
  • Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking (% of population) [World Bank, 2016]

2. Use SPSS to conduct analysis

3. Synthesize the results for each of the analysis in an summary


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