Scientific Report for Environmental Science

Need help with a Scientific Report for Environmental Science. I hate attached the requirements that need to be met within the paper. Also, i have attached a grading rubric to help guide what is expected in the paper. The links are within the description that is being referenced to for this paper.

The task is to write a scientific report discussing how you impact your environment.  The paper must meet the following format that is given.  This scientific report must present information that is succinct and easy to find, which allows people at any level to understand the key points and the take home the basic message of the paper.

For this paper, it will need to be divided into the following sections:

·       Abstract: Summarizes, in one paragraph the question, methods, major findings, and conclusion of the paper.

·      Introduction: States the purpose of the paper, and explains previous knowledge of the material.  What are you studying?  What’s the background information on your location? Why is important to understand your impact on your local environment?  Using what you’ve learned in class, explain some general concepts in environmental geography.  Be sure to cite your sources within the paper and at the end.

·       Methods:  How did you answer the question you proposed in the introduction?  How did you gather information, and how was the data analyzed?  Even if you are using your own observations, they must be outlined in your methods.

·       Results:  What are your results?  How do you impact your environment?  At this point, there is no discussion or interpretation of your results.  Use your photos, data gathered from the Internet, and information from books and articles to show your results.

·       Discussion:  How do your results fit in with the questions asked in the introduction?  After you’ve interpreted your results, what does this mean for the future?  What are the next steps?  If you had to continue your research, which direction would you take?

·      Literature Cited:  This is a list of all the items you cited within your paper.  It should be in alphabetical order and should either be in APA style or a scholarly scientific journal.  Please refer to for addition information.

More details about how to structure and write this scientific paper can be found here:

“How to Write and Paper in Scientific Journal Style and Format”

At a minimum, your paper should include basic background information and impact (if there is any) related to:

·       Population

·       Climate

·       Water pollution

·       Air pollution

·       Resource use

·       Waste

·       Use of public spaces

·       Transportation

·       Ecological Footprint


·       5-7 pages doubled spaced

· 1-inch margins

12-point font

Title of your paper

·       Header for each section of the paper.  For example:


The purpose of this paper….


The methods I used….

·       Photos must be embedded within the paper or as an appendix and a caption must be provided.

·       Sources must be cited within the paper as well as at the end.

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