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You are to submit your Abstract, Introduction and Literature Review that typically range from 7 – 15 pages in length with no less than 10 peer reviewed references


Abstract/Table of Contents:

An abstract is a condensed version of a longer piece of writing that highlights the major points covered, concisely describes the content and scope of the writing, and reviews the writing’s contents in abbreviated form. In short, it should be a brief paragraph that summarizes what you want to research and why it is important usually between 100 and 250 words in length with pertinent references.



Why are you exploring this topic? In this section, it is appropriate to use a few sources that are not from peer reviewed journals. These may include mass media, television, newspaper, magazines, etc., information found on the Internet, books, etc. In addition, peer reviewed sources should also be used. This section is expected to be over 1 page in length however typically less than 3 pages with appropriate references. Please include the following:

  • Problem,
  • Purpose,
  • Research questions,
  • Significance of the study,
  • definitions of terms that you have,
  • Limitations/delimitations (you may also provide in the Methodology area as well),
  • assumptions,
  • Theoretical framework


Literature Review:

Use the Table of Contents to guide the flow of the paper!


Reference (need at least 10 Peer Reviewed/scholarly references:

  • Incorporated all this sections references into one comprehensive list and should be in APA 6th Edition format.
  • If you had a citation in the body of your work you must have the appropriate reference in the reference section.
  • Also if you had a reference in your reference section, you must have a citation from that work somewhere in the body of your work. The citations and references must match up.
  • You will be strictly held to the APA standards. Proper citations, in format and use as well as proper references must be implemented.
  • Provided at least ten scholarly articles to support selected topic in the reference area.


Grammatical, spelling or punctuation—the writing is grammatically correct, clear and concise.  The response is well formulated and easy to read and understand.  Correct terminology was used when needed.

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