Select 15 Dirty Trick To Win Argument The Decision-Making That Would Lead Someone To Employ This Trick, How You Would Detect It Was Being Used, And One Or Two Ways In Which You Might Counter The Strategy.

 Table of Dirty Tricks For this assignment, you will create a table of the most prominent fallacies in thinking. Select 15 of the “Dirty Tricks” outlined in the pdf file.

Include each of the following items in your table: the name and number of the dirty trick, the decision-making that would lead someone to employ this trick, how you would detect it was being used, and one or two ways in which you might counter the strategy.

This assignment address very common “tricks” or fallacies in thinking that are quite effective but not very well-reasoned.  The more of these you are able to identify the better you will be able to avoid being tricked by them in everyday life.  We are constantly bombarded by claims and some of these claims are not well-founded in reason.  Some are downright manipulative though they may sound reasonable. Identifying the fallacies behind such claims can go a long way toward disarming their effectiveness.

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