Selection Process and Employee Management Questions

You are to watch the attached Ted Talk video and read Chapter 6, then write a Reflection Paper (in a Word document) on what you have learned. You need to answer all the questions listed below on the basis of the Ted Talk video, the textbook, and your thought.

The information must clearly be organized, factual, and correct, and demonstrate a thorough self-reflective analysis of the questions asked below. The paper is to include supporting details and examples.
The Reflection Paper requires well-constructed paragraphs, using proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. (please use Grammarly on this assignment).

  Watch Link: TED Talk Video (Links to an external site.)

Questions to answer and include in your writing

  1) Why is a resume important in a selection process?
Note: Answer this question from the perspectives of an HR manager and applicants.

  2) When you have a set of different jobs in different industrial sectors, how would you appeal to an interviewer?

  3) In Chapter 6, find and explain what “Reliability” and “Validity” mean?

  4) Why are these two concepts (Reliability and Validity) important in employee selection?


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