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For your assignment this week you were asked to explain who you are from a systems perspective. To add this component to your course project, reflect on your biological, psychological, and spiritual/religious subsystem dimensions in a 1-2 page paper, discussing how they have affected your life. This personal self-reflection should focus on behaviors and self-awareness, making connections between the various dimensions and who you are as an individual.

who are you paper

Human beings are spread in almost all parts of the world, and interaction exists between then and the environment. The relationship between the two aspects is created by the fact that humans act as a system which has a significant effect on the broad environment. In almost all functions of life, significant systems serve as the basis for which specific activities are undertaken. A system is considered to be a function of many different parts that make up a whole thing. As a human being, the body may be deemed to be a system because different dimensions contribute to the life of man.

Although these dimensions have varied functions in the body, they all work towards a common goal. The entire system can be divided into subsystems which in help individuals to interact with the broader environment. The subsystems include the biological dimension, the psychological and spiritual dimension. The physiological function of my body is the most vital part of the behaviour that I possess. The health needs of the body have numerous impacts on the quality of life and how people interact with nature. When considering the biological aspects, specific organs in the body are connected to this function. The nervous system which includes three subsystems helps to control the perceptions that people have towards the environment.

Other organs include the endocrine system, cardiovascular and reproductive system which helps in reproduction ensuring that the human being species do not become extinct in the environment (Sherwood, 2015). The biological dimensions cannot be overlooked when considering the environment because a direct impact between the two is evident. The nature of the environment that humans exist affect their biological function while humans may change the functioning of the environment they reside.

Like the biological dimension, the psychological aspect has a high impact on the behaviour that humans portray. The psyche of people is made up of cognitions and emotions which are separate but connected at an internal level. The cognitions determine how humans think about various activities they undertake as well as the information presented to them by the environment. When data is perceived, people blend it to come up with an action that is the best at that particular situation. Various theories such as the social learning theory and information processing theory have been used to show the interaction between a human psychological dimension and their surroundings (Block, 2014). On the other hand, the human body is programmed to experience some fear or happiness which is termed as emotions. These emotions can be obtained from a range of factors including the environmental changes that occur in our daily lives.

The last dimension that makes the human system is the spiritual dimension which enables people to search for meaning and ways to connect with the universe. Unlike the typical belief, the spiritual dimension is different from the religious aspect of life. The spirituality of individuals cannot be analyzed by merely looking into the behaviour that people show. Significant differences have been noted even for people within states regarding spiritual traditions which are coined to the rise of multiple religions (MacKinlay, 2017). Some of the practices that define spiritual matters include morals and what different groups of people perceive to be right. The spiritual aspect of life is affected by issues such as cultural diversity, age, race and gender.

In conclusion, it is therefore right to say that am a human being who acts as a system in the environment. As it is with all other systems, various subsystems make up my life. The multiple dimensions of the system enable me to interact with the environment in a range of activities. Although as a human I have significant control over the environment, some aspects of the environment also affect the body system including the health issues.


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