Sexuality Counseling Discussion




entify a new experience that would challenge your views, perceptions, beliefs, or behavior regarding human sexuality. These experiences are intended to assist you in pushing your personal limits and expanding your perspectives about human sexuality. You are welcome to conduct these experiences alone, with your partner, or with other students (with prior approval of instructor). Options will be presented in class. Following the experience, students will write a minimum of a 3-4 page reflection paper, addressing the points below. Attendance at the event must be documented (e.g., screen shot of attendance in online forum, selfie confirming your attendance at the event). The entire assignment should be written in APA style.

Examples from previous semesters include: viewing pornography, pole dancing, attending a strip club, attending a drag show, getting tested for/having an open dialogue with your partner about STIs, going to a sex shop, watching a film/movie with sexuality-related themes, visit the Gainesville PRIDE community center to have a conversation with someone about their experiences (infertility, infidelity, abortion, BDSM, CNM, etc.), attendance of a location where nudity is openly accepted, etc.

Following the challenging experience, students are to write a three-page minimum reaction and reflection paper using the following outline:

  • Section A – Describe your reasons for choosing this experience. What kind of preconceived notions do you hold?
  • Section B – Describe the experience. Identify and analyze your reaction to the experience.
  • Section C – Reflect and discuss what you learned about yourself with respect to human sexuality and relationships from the experience. How will this benefit your work with clients? In what ways do you need to continue to grow? Any outstanding questions that remain for you, etc.?


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