SHL Assessment Product Analysis Discussion




  1. Write name of the individual test solution you selected in the discussion thread subject. For example: “Dependability and Safety Instrument (DSI)”
  1. Provide a summary of the product including the following details:
    1. Who was it designed for (job level, job type, etc.)?
    2. What are the benefits of using this assessment?
    3. What KSAOs are measured? How are they measured?
    4. Is technology used to administer the assessment in anyway? If so, describe how it is used.
    5. Identify the characteristics of the test:
      • Question format: Close-ended or open-ended questions?
      • Paper-and-pencil or performance test?
      • Time allowed: Power or speed test?
    6. What type of test is it? (e.g., ability, work sample, interview, etc.)
  2. Evaluate the product in your own words.
    1. How useful and appropriate do you think the assessment is?
    2. Would you assess important KSAOs for the referent job level and type differently? If so, how and why?
    3. Feel free to include any other reactions or opinions you had about the assessment.

I know it sounds like a lot, but don’t feel the need to go overboard. Your post should be about a one to two paragraphs; just enough to explain and evaluate the assessment.

For this week’s discussion, you will be reporting on how assessment firms currently deliver assessments. We will be considering options available at SHL, one of the leading global assessment firms.

Here is a link to their product catalog.

Click on the assessments catalog link

Wait until you are re-directed to the SHL website (this could take several seconds)
Scroll down to the assessments catalog and click “view all assessments”
Use the search options to find an individual test solution (rather than a pre-packaged job solution). Maybe search for an assessment that would be used to hire you into your dream job? (Just a thought!)
Click the name of the individual test solution to open the product details window. Scroll down to click “Product Fact Sheet” to download more information on the product. 

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