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Important Cultural Points

There are many terms and labels that are used and misused in our country when referring to other cultures. This can create a negative sterotype, one that suggests that Americans only know about themselves and have low cultural awareness.

It is important to know how to correctly refer to others. There was a time when the attitude was “English only” but that is over, thankfully, as people have recognized the importance and benefit of knowing about others and having the skills to communicate across cultures and borders.

Read the document in Resources for forum 10, Cultural Points. Post a paragraph of a minimum of 250 words to the forum about how important you do or do not think this topic is and why. In what ways might people have negative feelings about being misidentified? Do you think there are too many expectations that people should know the appropriate terminology for various ethnic or cultural groups? Is it fair to assume people should KNOW this who are not around diverse groups of people or should it be expected that everybody know how to correctly use these terms? How might this become common knowledge, if you believe it should be?
Please read at least two posts and reply to specific information, agreeing or disagreeing with ideas presented in the discussion. Each reply needs to be at least 150 words in length.

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