SOCI 1310 University of Texas at Arlington Herd Immunity Controversies Blog Post




create a blog post describing, analyzing, and evaluating a popular media text of their choosing. This can include a song or album, tv show, movie, comic strip, book, an advertisement… be creative. As long as you can write about it as a cultural text, using the concepts that you learned in the course you should be fine.  If you aren’t sure whether your choice is appropriate, feel free to run it by your academic coach.

Students should include a basic description of the content they chose, to orient the reader and give any necessary context. Additionally, analysis and evaluation of the content should consist of a coherent thesis statement that is logically supported with evidence, and the concepts discussed in this course (review the writing process below for tips on how to do this well).

The questions below should help you think about the major social and cultural components of the media text you choose, and will serve as a guide for analysis and evaluation. An effective analysis should be structured around a thesis statement, but will address these questions. In other words, your job is NOT to simply answer these questions one by one. Instead, you must engage in writing as a process in which you develop a coherent and logical argument that deals with these questions. This is where critical thinking and communication are crucial skills.

To achieve core area objectives, students are asked to pay special attention to the following questions (Note that the labels in parentheses refer to the competency areas that are evaluated using the rubric that is associated with this assignment):

In what ways does social structure shape the media text you chose? (Critical Thinking)

How do different interpretations of the text (dominant, negotiated, oppositional) highlight modern ethical dilemmas? (Personal Responsibility)

In what ways does the media text you chose influence individual’s perceptions of the world around them, how does that happen, and what are its effects?



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