Social Determinants of Health Activity Essay




Visit the Social Determinants of Health webpage of HP 2030Links to an external site. and select ONE of the five domains. Write IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do NOT copy and paste from the website or any other source) the following in complete sentences with scholarly grammar and writing style (minimum 300 words):

1. Which social determinant domain did you select?

2. Under each domain, HP 2030 lists 4-5 goals (one at the top of the page and additional ones that follow). Select ONE goal and describe how meeting that goal supports the domain objective?

3. List the current baseline statistic for the goal you selected AND the target goal set by HP 2030.

4. The summary section explains how this goal supports the social determinant; summarize this section in your own words.

5. YOUR TURN- in your opinion, what are current barriers exist for meeting this goal? What are reasonable facilitators that could help reach these goals?


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