Social Enterprise and Entrepreneur Models of Organizations Discussion




           1) Find and describe at least three sport, health, and/or recreation programs in the world that use the social enterprise or entrepreneur model. Provide the name of the organization under these subheadings: “Organization 1”, “Organization 2”, and “Organization 3.”  Use .5 page single spaced per organizational description.

You must clearly explain how these programs specifically utilize a social enterprise or entrepreneurial approach (public and private resourcing model). Explain where these programs are located, their history/rationales/purposes, participants, leaders, missions/goals, and intended contributions to local communities. Use resources such as program websites and news features, and reference all materials using APA style

*Provide an APA reference list at the end of your submission.

**Cannot use programs that have been discused in our course.

Then, in your final paragraph of this discussion, explain how these programs compare and contrast to the organizations featured in Chapter 2 of Moving Boarders. It is fine if they address other social contexts and issues that are different from the Moving Boarders ones, but you still need to explain why and how (2 pages, single spaced). (20 points)

           2) Finally, in one last paragraph, describe your initial final paper ideas about how, where, and with whom you will conduct the research component. This discussion pertains to the data collection elements of your final paper (field observations and interview). Explain how these research ideas will align with the specific paper guidelines and topic (.5 page, single spaced). (5 points)


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