Social Work Religious Discussion

Religion is often a topic that comes up when someone talks about diversity. Based on your own personal views, you might feel that being a member of a specific identity group (LGBTQ folks, another religious community, etc.) is morally wrong. However, based on social work principals, it is our job to provide all people with effective and high quality services.  (I don’t discriminate I love everybody I don’t care what they identified as I love everyone )

1. How will you ensure that your personal feelings do not “get in the way” of providing these services?

2. What biases do you still have (Religious or otherwise) when working with specific populations? How will you address these?

3. How will you continue to be a life long learner with regards to people from various religions, especially those different from yourself?

Be specific when you answer these questions! As social workers, it is not enough to state that we are non-judgmental and that we care for all people. We need to be self-reflective and knowledgeable about how our beliefs shape our social work practice. We also have to follow the code of ethics and be effective as social workers, that means we can not directly or indirectly discriminate against our clients!


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