Socialization and Biases in Social Media Articles Questions




Reply to: Answer to peer Melissa RevI use social media a lot. The ones I use would be Snapchat, Facebook, and Tik Tok. I use Snapchat to get ahold of my friends and talk to them daily. I think the reason I use Snapchat the most is that growing up this is what we were taught to use to talk to other people, rather than just texting one another. I also use Facebook a lot to look at memes and to get ahold of my older family members who do not use Snapchat or any new social media sites. I have also had Facebook the longest, so I am the most comfortable using this app over the others. I use Tik Tok to watch funny videos and to see any new hacks that I could use daily. I would have to agree with the attributes listed because I feel that using these apps has made me more trusting of people and to voice my opinion to others. I use Facebook Marketplace where you literally message a stranger and you meet them somewhere to buy something. I feel like if I did not know what Facebook was, I probably would have to go to a garage sale or just buy a new one before ever messaging someone about that. I would think that we gain these characteristics because of the social media being used.

Jasmine CrI use facebook and snap chat regualry. I’ve started back using instragram. I love snap chat I can be my authentic self. I have more of control of who view my stories & who I accept. I feel like social media can be bias at times. Social media can risk the effects of depression. I personal feel like energy is transferable. Social media can sometimes protes negativity. Social media is addictive. My facebook is a audience for older people, church people, co-workers and family members. I keep them connect with things going on in my life and my kiddos life. Instagram I just started back using insta. I really just stroll through instragram and look around. My relationships are different on all my social media. I must admit I’m closer to my snapchat friends on social media.


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