Sociology Community Service Learning Project




Requirements for the Community Service Learning project:

1. Two hours of community service at an approved site. Your volunteer work will be the basis of your paper. Because of the pandemic, you may choose to do more informal community service so that you won’t be exposing yourself and/or others to more germs. This informal community service could involve helping your family members or neighbors, volunteering your time/services to do things like child care, grocery shopping, driving, tutoring, or cleaning.

  1. Whether you volunteer with a community service organization or choose to do more informal volunteer work, you must get my approval that your chosen community service activity can be used for your paper before you put in your hours volunteering.
  2. You should use at least three bibliographic references for this paper. These research sources help give some larger perspective (statistics, quotes, demographic information, etc.) to the specific details you gather based on your personal volunteering experience.

We have a center here at La Salle for community service – ext 1048 – if you need help connecting with a service organization.


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