Sociology Essay

Topic: Focus on one issue in your essay. There are obviously nine possible issues to choose for
your  essay:  Autocratic  personality,  democratic  personality,  technocratic  personality;  autocratic
institution, democratic institution, technocratic institution; autocratic culture, democratic culture,
technocratic culture.
Source:  Read  From  Autocracy  to  Democracy  to  Technocracy:  An  Evolution  of  Human  Polity
( If you write
on autocratic personality, you should read Part III completely so you can develop your ideas on it
for a good essay. If you write on democratic institutions, you need to read Part IV carefully. If you
write on technocratic culture, you must read Part IV thoroughly.
Required Elements: Your essay must tackle these essential elements. For example, if you write on
technocratic  personality,  you  need  to  address  (1)  what  automatic  personality  is,  its  main
characteristics  and  behavioral  symptoms;  (2)  what  social  factors  and  forces  lie  under  autocratic
personality;  (3)  how  autocratic  personality  molds  political  leaders,  influences  common  citizens,
and shapes social atmospheres; and (4) how autocratic personality might penetrate in democracy
and even technocracy while dominating autocracy.


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