sociology for baber makayla

Sociological Traditions #2


Sociology is quite unique because there are literally hundreds of diverse theoretical traditions that have emerged over the last century. In addition to the standard traditions, such as functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism, there are also alternative theoretical perspectives that offer a different vision of the social world. In this assignment, you will be researching and describing one of these particular traditions.

To begin, you must choose ONE of the 4 intellectual traditions listed below. Perform as much background research as necessary in order to answer the following questions:

1) Describe the general ideas generated by the intellectual tradition;

2) Explain some of the research or writing conducted by the intellectual group;

3) Discuss some of the main authors, their important works, and the specific arguments they made in these works; and

4) Explain how the school improved upon previous writing or developed a unique way of looking at social issues.

The paper should be at least 1-2 pages single-spaced, but can be as long as necessary. For research, you may use books, journal articles or online source materials. If you use online materials, be sure that the source is reputable and has a firm grasp on the intellectual tradition. Random websites and Wikipedia are not acceptable!!

You must use at least 2 sources (documented on a separate works cited page), and it is necessary to cite your sources (i.e. provide all the information necessary for me to find the source if I wanted to do so, such as: author name, year, page numbers, website, publishing co., etc.). If you list the source on your works cited page, then you must actually USE it in your paper (i.e. use direct or indirect quotes). Failure to adequately cite your sources is considered plagiarism!


The format for citing you source(s) in-text is as follows:


General idea from the book/article…………… (Smith 2007).

Specific quote on a specific page……………” (Smith 2007: 15).

Specific quotes from multiple pages, but linked together……………………” (Smith 2007: 15-17).


The following information MUST be included on your works cited page if you cite a BOOK:

Author name, year of publication, name of book, publishing company, location of publication.

The following information MUST be included on your works cited page if you cite a JOURNAL ARTICLE:

Author name, year of publication, name of article, name of journal, volume/edition/issue, inclusive page numbers.


Tradition #1: “Second-Wave” Feminist Theory

Tradition #2: Neo-Functionalist Sociological Theory

Tradition #3: Ethnomethodology

Tradition #4: Phenomenology




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