Sociology Identity Worksheet




For this assignment, students will conduct an interview with a person over 18 who identities with at least one identity you are not familiar with and that is different from your own primary identities.

Students will also read a book or watch a documentary about people who identify as belonging to the same identity that you focused on in the interview for this assignment.

Based on the information gathered from the interview and the book/documentary, students will write a paper. An interview guide and specific questions to answer in the paper are located in MyClasses. Students should utilize the interview guide, the paper guide, and the grading rubric (located in MyClasses) to help them complete this assignment. This paper will be 5-7 pages long, not including the reference page or the title page. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font and APA style. Include the reference of your book or documentary in the references page and in the body of your paper.

For this paper student are asked to answer the following questions:

1. Review the information gathered from your interview

a. provide a summary of the interviewee (do not use their name)

b. Discuss identity experiences and share one example of the oppression they have faced or witnessed

c. Identity and describe how the person you interviewed experiences intersectionality

d. Reflect on your feelings and thoughts during this interview

2. Discuss the book or documentary

a. Provide a summary of the book or documentary, including the title (make sure to provide an APA reference for this)

b. Discuss the experiences they had based on their identity and provide one example of the oppression they faced or witnessed

c. Reflect on your feelings and thoughts while reading/watching

3. Reflect on the information gained through both the interview and the book/documentary

a. Discuss this experience from your perspective (what was it like to hear from this person? What was it like to read or watch about this topic?)

b. What were some differences and similarities between the experiences shared in the interview and the experiences shared in the documentary or book? (Remember the challenges with focusing on a single story)

c. How will you translate this knowledge into social work practice. i.e. what did you learn that will help shape your practice?

d. What identities or topics do you still need to learn more about? And how will you gather this knowledge?


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