Sociology Inequality Essay




For your reading response, what is/are one or two major conclusions (themes) that have emerged for you in regard to inequality? Use the following excerpt from the gracing rubric to guide your content. It reads, “Through the language you use in crafting your thesis statement, I should clearly be able to understand the direction of your paper regarding one of your main new conclusions concerning inequality (what has been covered thus far in modules 1-3). This is basically what a thesis statement is- a connection, conclusion you reach, or claim you can build based upon the information presented. See “How to Write a Thesis Statement” in the Reading and Writing Resources module.”Adam Ruins Everything – The Disturbing History of the Suburbs | truTV – YouTube The Impacts of Social Class: Crash Course Sociology #25 – YouTube An Introduction to Social Stratification – YouTube Why corporations are reaping record profits with inflation on the rise – YouTube


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