Sociology The Binary Memo

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Prompt for Memo A: The Binary

For your first memo, review the readings and lectures assigned in Week  1.  Then answer the following prompt, using specific examples from readings.

1.  Wade & Ferree argue that the sex/gender BINARY is a cultural ideology or illusion, and that men and women are not fundamentally “opposite.”  Explain  their argument, using specific evidence from at least 2 course readings.  Spend most of your word count on this part 1 of memo.

2.   Pick two persons in your life as examples.   (You don’t have to say who they are.  You can choose yourself, if you like, for one of the examples)

a.   Very briefly, discuss some of the ways in which one  or both of the persons you selected conforms to behavior expected by the gender binary.

b.  Very briefly discuss some of the ways one or both of the persons you selected  does not conform.


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