SOWK 7332 OLLU Medical Team Work and Concern Case




Part 4 – Individual reflection
Individually, you will submit a one-page personal reflection paper about this assignment experience. At minimum, address the following questions in your paper:

  • What were your personal thoughts and feelings about this case?
  • How has this case impacted your future practice?
  • What was your experience in working with your group?
  • What life lesson do you take with you as a result of this exercise?
  • On a scale of 1-5 (1=lowest, 5 = highest) how would you rate yourself as a contributing member? Why?
  • On the same scale how would you rate each group member and why?

Address the following questions in this discussion board:

  • As you prepare to complete this course, what have you learned about working with Hispanic elders?
  • How do you see yourself making a difference as a social worker if given an opportunity to work with elders?

Mr. B, 74 years of age, complains with increasing frequency of pain. His physician is puzzled by the complaints because the methadone she has prescribed should be controlling the pain. She has already increased the dosage a couple of times and is reluctant to do so again. She finally asked a family member to bring all of Mr. B’s medications to check for a problem in interaction or perhaps the wrong medication. Examination of the methadone tablets reveals that someone has switched most of the methadone with over­the­counter potassium tablets, which are nearly the same size and color. His failing eyesight prevents him from being able to tell the difference in the very similar tablets. Questioning revealed that Mr. B’s niece, a former drug addict, has been living with him in exchange for his care, and she prepares his medications each day. The family has suspected that she is using drugs again, but was reluctant to probe too deeply because there is no one else to care for Mr. B


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