Spanish Homework

  1. Yesterday ____ an accident near my house.
    •  there was
    •  had
  2. When my father ____ young, ____ to the park every day.
    •  It was; It was
    •  was; I was going
  3. Pilar ____ blue eyes and long hair.
    •  He had
    •  had
  4. This morning I ____, ____, and ____ for college.
    •  I got up; I was taking a bath; came out
    •  I got up; I showered; I left
  5. The movie ____ at ten.
    •  finished
    •  ended
  6. My family and I ____ dinner on the patio and suddenly ____ it was going to rain.
    •  we ate; started
    •  we ate; it started

Complete Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preterite or imperfect form of the verbs. 

  1. Last week I (went) to the San José clinic for the first time. The waiting room (is) large and the chairs very comfortable, but I (have) to wait a long time.
  2. Ignacio (driving) very fast when a police officer (see him).
  3. When Juliana calls me, I shower, and then I don’t answer the phone.
  4. Last summer, when my family and I (travel) through South America, (we) (decide) visit the Torres del Paine in Chile.

Conversation Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preterite or imperfect form of the verbs from the box. Use each verb once. Get married be done prepare try know  

  1. DEW You know what, Sofia? I think Rafael is no longer the same man as before. I see it so different since he (1) with Lola.

    SOFÍA Yes? Because what you say?

    DEW Well, you know Rafael never (2) has any food when (3) single.

    SOFÍA It’s true! Poor Rafael, who does not (4) nor boil ( boil ) water.

    SPRAY Well, last Friday I (5) went to his house, and while Lola was on the phone, Rafael (6) had some pork chops.

    SOFÍA I can’t believe it! Well, but … (7) (you) the chops?

Sentences Write sentences using the information provided. Use the preterite or the imperfect, as appropriate.


Mariana / prepare / food / when / (you) / call

Mariana was preparing food when you called.

  1. when I was little, / my family and I / go / the beach / every summer
  2. I / always / like / swim / sea
  3. one day / I / to meet / Carolina, / a girl / Dominican
  4. Carolina / being / eight years old / and / being / very / friendly
  5. Carolina and me / being / good friends / for many years
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