speech 34

Prepare and deliver a speech, no more than five minutes long, in which you attempt to influence your audience’s behavior or convince them that an important decision you’ve made is the right decision. Choose a charity that is important to you, or that you feel is particularly important. You are a member of a student organization tasked with soliciting donations for this charity, and you have a chance now to make a pitch to your classmates. This will require a careful balancing of pathos. You could easily go over the top with depressing stories of some who have suffered, but you also will need to show the audience the good work that is being done so they know their money will not be wasted. There is also a sense among some that too much charity goes toward administrative costs of the charity, and not to the people who need it. You need to assure this is not the case. Any anecdotes should be ones from your research, not made up. Make the pitch to your classmates.
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