Spent & Invisible Backpack Paper




PART 1: Play through an entire game of Spent, which is an online simulation about surviving poverty and homelessness. Then you will write a reflection of 250-300 words.


The Spent exercise encourages you to think about how our financial wellbeing is influenced by the decisions we make as individuals and societal constraints.  You should play through the entire game at least once and then reflect on your experience. After you have taken some time to reflect on your experience, you should write a reflection essay of about 250-300 words.  You could consider the following questions while writing your reflection:

– How many days did you make it?

– What were some of the struggles you experienced?

– How did your engagement with this game change your perceptions about the material presented in this Module 2?

PART 2: Work through all 26 questions in the Invisible Backpack activity and write up a response of 250-300 words.


The second half of this module familiarized you with the definitions of race and ethnicity and how race and ethnicity are viewed by each of the major sociological traditions.  Now it is time to take that knowledge and critically examine yourself by working through the Invisible Backpack activity.  I want you to work through all 50 questions in this activity, but you do not need to share the answers to those questions with me.  Instead, you will submit a write up in response to these questions:

1. What were the three questions that you had the hardest time engaging with?  Why did these questions pose you difficulties?

2. How many of these questions do you ACTIVELY engage with during your daily life?

3. Did this activity change your perspective about racial inequality?  There is NOT a correct answer to this question, but you will need to discuss why your perspective was changed or unchanged.


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