Stimulus Exposure Effects in Human Associative Learning Discussion




Learned Irrelevance Paper Guidelines

Note: This assignment will be familiar to all of you concurrently enrolled in the Learning and Behavior lab.Anyone NOT enrolled in the lab should contact me for additional help.

This 100-point paper will include a title page, abstract, introduction, method, results including a figure or table (your choice), discussion, and references.Below are some suggestions for what I look for in each section.Also note that (APA style 7th edition ) will count here, for approximately 10% of the points.

Abstract—The abstract should be 100-200 words, and should have 1-2 sentences that are like a mini Introduction section, 1-2 sentences that are like a mini Method, 1-2 sentences for the Results, and 1-2 for a brief Discussion.It’s like a tiny article all by itself.

Introduction—This is mainly a review of some relevant literature, leading to your hypothesis.You should include 5 articles in this section.One should be the Catherine Myers et al. paper that you are basically replicating, and the other 4 are up to you.You can pick sources discussed in the textbook (but cite the article, not the textbook), or you can do a literature search yourself, or some combination of both.

Everyone should have the same hypothesis (in your own words)—that those who got random presentations of the color red and the bunny will be worse at later learning that red DOES predict the bunny.

I’m estimating (but this depends on writing style) that your Introduction sections will be about 2 pages long.

Method–You’ll need 3 sections here: Participants, Materials, and Procedure.It should show that you understand what participants experienced.

Results—This will be very short—probably half a page.You should present the data by referring to a Figure that you’ll create (you can do a Table if you want, but most people find Figures easier), then present a t-test for your analysis.

Discussion—First, even though it seems redundant with the Results section, re-state what you found in terms of whether or not your hypothesis was supported statistically.Then, explain how your result is similar (or not) to some of the papers you already described in the Introduction.You should mention limitations and suggestions for future research as well


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