Tai Chi Range Motion Paper




Topic: benefits of Tai Chi range of motion

Paper details:

Read Professor feedback than add the following missing suggests to the paper chapter 3 RE: Research Paper On Tai chi Chapt 3 I know you chose experimental design, but specifically what design? There are many designs using control and treatment group. But, I believe you should add “pretest” in your research since you have to compare the range of motion before and after the intervention. So, if you have to have control and treatment groups, and pre-and posttests. There are only two options for your study, pretest-posttest control group design and quasi-experimental research (non-equivalent control group). Which one do you want? Another thing, how to measure the range of motion? You said you will collect the data by observing the changes in the health of the people in the two groups. But what does that mean changes in the health? It should measure “range of motion”. Specifically what you would like to measure? Spine range of motion? Joint motion? There is a range of motion evaluation chart. So I believe it will be your instrument for measuring the range of motion. Please see the below. https://es.scribd.com/doc/97563884/Range-of-Motion-Evaluation-Chart


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