The 7 Cs of Communication Discussion




The 7 Cs of Communication—clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous—are the gold standard of communication. Or are they? How can the phenomenon of unclear, rambling, ambiguous, incorrect, incoherent, incomplete, and rude communication propagated at the highest levels of American government be explained? How do the 7Cs of Communication and their 7 opposites relate to the four basic ways of knowing—tenacity, intuition, authority, and science (Cohen & Nagel, 1943 as cited by Black & Bright, 2020 p. 2/7)? Do the four ways of knowing provide an answer to today’s communication paradox?


Black, J. S., & Bright, D. S. (2020, January 21). Organizational behavior. OpenStax.

Must be at least 250 words. PDF version of the reference material is attached (only pages 644-670 as the entire file was too large for Studypool. Please let me know if there’s anything else you think you need.. These are the only pages that reference Cohen & Nagle).



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