The Challenge of Special Populations Discussion




Additional requirements for supervision of special populations are meant to ensure public safety and/or increase the offender’s participation in rehabilitation programs. It is the probation or parole officer’s responsibility to ensure that their clients are meeting all expectations that have been outlined for them by the judge or parole board. These requirements place additional responsibility not only on the offenders, but on probation and parole officers as well.

In this Assignment, you the examine the unique needs of juvenile and adult offenders in special populations. You also address the release requirements and challenges related to supervising special populations of offenders.

To prepare:

Select a population from among the following list that is different than the one you selected for this week’s Discussion:

  • Sex offenders
  • Violent offenders
  • Drug offenders
  • Offenders with mental illnes

Submit a 750- to 1,000-page paper about your selected population that addresses the following:

  • Assess the unique needs of juvenile offenders versus adult offenders in the population you selected.
  • Identify the specific community release requirements for supervising members of this population.
  • What strategies would you use to help an offender from this population successfully reintegrate into society?
  • What challenges would you encounter in the supervision of this population, and what skills would you use to address those challenges? Be specific.
  • How might your background or personal experience with this population influence your interactions with this population in a supervisory role?
  • What self-care strategies would you use to prevent burnout related to supervising this population?


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