the civil rights revolution and vietnam eah chapter 25 and 26 primary sources

primary source analysis should interrogate a primary source to discover basic factual questions

about it. For example, answering: Who wrote the document? Who was the intended audience?

What is the story line, and if it is a more complicated document, what was the argument and

thesis? After you have completed this first phase of analysis, you should get into the

historiographical meat of the source by answering such questions as; Why was this document

written? What type of document is it? (For example, satire, rhetoric, political essay, etc.). And

what are the basic assumptions made in the document? (For example, what philosophical,

ethical, religious, political and social metanarratives are present in it?) Finally, you should

answer how believable you take this document to be. Namely, is the author’s point of view

egregiously biased? If so, why? If not, why not? And what does this document tell you about

the society that produced it and how is it like and unlike the values in our own society?

Remember, a good primary source analysis should follow the order of analysis laid out here; first

with factual interrogation, followed by more abstract synthesis and creative thinking. Your

analysis must have a clear introduction and thesis, be typed, and should be at least 700 words

Please write easy simple writing and use Basic English words

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