The Financial and Operational Health of Tenet Healthcare Presentation




You are required to develop a financial analysis of a healthcare organization (Tenet Healthcare). The intent of this assignment is to evaluate the financial and operational health of the organization. You may pursue, analyze, and synthesize any information source you choose (e.g., website content, current resident personal interviews, organizational documentation, etc.).

Your content should be clear, logical, and report on (at a minimum) the business’ location(s) and competitive market(s). Use of a PESTLE and SWOT analysis is encouraged. From a financial perspective, your final presentations should contain analysis and discussion on 2- 3 ratios from each of the primary financial ratio categories discussed in Week 4 (e.g., liquidity, profitability, operating efficiency, and capital structure). A five year trend analysis – including the most recent year of available information/data – is expected for each ratio selectedInterpret the ratios, the financial and market trends and provide your perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

Do not just report the data. Tell us what it means. Ultimately, we want to know if the organization is financially sound and has strong long-term growth prospects.

Why or why not? Grading will focus on content development, depth of analysis and professionalism of delivery. Your final deliverable is a presentation of no more than 10 minutes in length, developed in a professional format suitable for presentation to the Board of Directors or a C-Suite executive team.

  • Deliverables:
  • financial analysis of a healthcare organization paper– submit the papers in a White Paper format. Page count should be no less than 6 – 12 pages. An APA Title Page and Reference Page(s) is required.
  • Video presentation (visual aids could be PPP, Prezi, poster, etc.) submit presentation to the video submission folder. Video presentation means the presenter should be on camera and visible. Here are the main parts to look into for now:    (a) Introduction and Background    (b) Methodology

Tenet Healthcare

This project will focus on analyzing Tenet Healthcare, a multinational healthcare service organization. It was founded in 1975 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Through its partnerships, joint ventures, brands, affiliates, and subsidiaries, the organization owns and facilitates diagnostic imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, care hospitals, and related healthcare facilities. (Forbes, 2022). Tenet Healthcare is one of the largest “for-profit” Healthcare systems in the United States operating with about 65 hospitals across the nation (Beckers Hospital Review, 2022). Their latest Financial report was for their 3rd Quarter in 2021 and showed some pretty positive figures in terms of their financial health, such as an increase of net income and earnings compared to last year’s 3rd quarter reports (Tenet Health, 2021). They have just announced that they are going to release their 2021 4th quarter report through their company’s website (

The goal of this paper would be to determine if Tenet Healthcare Corporation is stable, solvent, liquid or profitable enough to guarantee investments which will entail the use of Tenet Healthcare’s financial data to evaluate its performance and make recommendations regarding how it could improve going forward (Corporate Finance Institute, 2022).


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