The impact of disruptive business models

The impact of disruptive business models

Purpose: To demonstrate knowledge and analysis of business models through analysis, research and critical thinking skills.

Value:            Weight: 15%

See Calendar for due date

Support all statements and opinions with facts and evidence

Answer the questions being asked to the best of your ability

Late assignments will be penalized 1.5 marks/day

Cite all sources with APA formatting Failure or neglect to cite sources by providing the name of the author,

article and date will result in a diminished grade

Expected word count: 500-700 words


Choose 1 Internet business that has disrupted a conventional business model. Examples and Uber, Lyft, Netflix, Airbnb,

Amazon or refer to the course textbook for further examples.

a) Describe the business model in detail. Ensure that you use resources from the course textbook or the business model canvas. (5 marks)

b) Compare and explain how the conventional business model has been disrupted. Consider revenue models, resources, key partners,

value created etc. (9 marks)

Provide an introduction and a conclusion (1 marks)

Provide support for your thoughts and opinions through research. Cite your sources.

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