The purpose of persuasive writing is to convince your audience of something – to accept a proposal, to change

  • For your third research project, you will be writing a Persuasive Essay using MLA format. The purpose of persuasive writing is to convince your audience of something – to accept a proposal, to change their perspective, to take an action, to challenge a way of thinking – by using evidence, reasoning, and appeals to their ethical views, emotions, and logic.
  • IWeek 11: Create your evaluative annotated bibliography using at least 5 sources and write a thesis or explain a well-defined problem/solution/call to action.(I did this already attached
  • Week 12: Complete the first 3 pages of your Persuasive Essay
  • Week 13: Participate on our peer-review discussion board, complete the first draft of your entire essay, and submit (including Works Cited page)
  • Week 14:, complete a self-review, create a revision agenda, revise your essay, and submit a final draft

Basically i have done my essay already which is attached i just need to add 2 more pages u can use my essay i have already everything has to be  separated. i will explain more to the person who takes the proposal also im attaching the discussion for week 13 everything has to be separate

By this point in the course you have completed at least 3 pages of your Persuasive Essay draft, which means you will have encountered at least one challenge while writing. Take a moment to share with your classmates one or two challenges you are currently facing. Examples might include:

  • How to express something
  • How to structure your argument or proposal
  • How to incorporate a source or idea
  • How to refute opposition
  • How to conclude your essay
  • Writer’s block for a particular area within your topic
  • Finding sources that support your topic

If it is at all helpful, you can share an excerpt or portion of your draft as well. If there are any specific areas you would like feedback on, please identify them. This is for the discussion. for week 13

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