Therapy Group Analysis Essay




For this assignment, you will analyze a small group using Yalom’s 10 Therapeutic Factors (see Table 1).in the attached.


1.Observe a psychoeducation or a therapy group session at your clinical site. (group psychotherapy session in hospital setting)

2.Analyze the group process using Yalom’s 10 therapeutic factors. You must assess ALL ten factors for this assignment.


Section 1:

1.Identify the therapeutic factor and explain how it was present during the group session. Provide as much subjective and objective data as you can to support your observations. For example, did one or more of the group members say something? Did you observe a specific behavior?

2.If you did not observe the therapeutic factor, explain why you think it was absent. Next, identify at least one strategy you could you use in a group session to facilitate the therapeutic factor.

Section 2:

1.Identify and describe the strategies used by the group leader to elicit each therapeutic factor and explain how they employed the strategy. For example, did they use a specific group exercise? Did they use open-ended questions?


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