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These questions are based on the readings before the question. e.i., Question number one is based off the reading by the author with the last name Fest and the title of the work is “The Rise of Hitler” 1. Fest, The Rise of Hitler. To whom did fascism appeal? Why? What is the “fascistic” type? 2. Fest, The Rise of Hitler. What are some of the historical reasons why Germans may have supported the fascists? 3. Himmler, Speech to the SS. How does Himmler distance, rationalize and scapegoat in this speech? 4. Steiner, Treblinka. How did Lalka “rationalize” Treblinka? 5. Chang, The Rape of Nanking. What reasons did Chang find to help explain how Japanese soldiers became capable of the atrocities identified in the text? 6. Westad, The Global Cold War. How did ideology color the way the US and the USSR interpreted the modernization of Third World Nations? 7.Westad, The Global Cold War. How and where did the superpowers intervene in the process of Third World modernization? 8.Kennan, Sources of Soviet Conduct. What US policies does Kennan recommend regarding the USSR? Why? 9.Soviet Telegram on Cuba. Summarize the events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis. 10.Soviet Telegram on Cuba. What was the Soviet perspective on the Cuban crisis? Also define and/or give information on these terms: Lenin, Bolshevik Revolution, Soviet, Stalin, War communism, collectivization, five year plan, political purges, fascism, Mussolini, “made the trains run on time”, Weimar, Hitler, Nazism, lebensraum, H. Himmler, Treblinka, Gestapo, the Great Depression, steps toward war, appeasement, the Axis powers, Guernica, blitzkrieg, “total wars”, atomic bombs, Holocaust, Milgram, Experiment, Elie Wiesel, Nuremberg Trials, United Nations, sphere of influence, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Cold War, political reconstruction in Japan and Germany, iron curtain, containment, client states, McCarthyism and the Red Scare, American military industrial complex, Gorbachev’s reforms, Solidarity, domino effect, proxy wars, non alignment, Castro, Cuban Missile Crisis, necolonialism, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, the legacies of colonialism, the Palestinian_Israeli conflict, Arafat, intifada
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