this is the first draft for this research paper you have already finish 5 pages last time 12pages totally

The research paper assignment includes three stages: first, you will submit a properly formatted, scholarly bibliography of sources (books or articles) which will be consulted in research for your paper, along with 100-word summaries of the significance of their argument for your work. You will also include a one-paragraph introduction to your topic and a prospective thesis statement. It is due Oct. 16.

Second, we will have a term paper peer review workshop during class time. You will be required to bring the first 5 pages of your term paper draft. We will break into small groups to share drafts and respond to some prompts I will provide.

Finally, you will be required to submit a draft of your research paper on Nov. 18; I will return your draft and provide you with feedback that you will incorporate into your revised version of the paper, which will be due Dec. 4. I will distribute a list of topics and specifications in a couple of weeks, but you can anticipate writing a formal research paper of around 4500 words (roughly 15 double-spaced pages) plus bibliography and endnotes.

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